Megan Cookson

Business Analyst

Megan graduated from Northumbria University achieving a first class degree in Finance and Investment Management. Before joining the Fairstone team, Megan held roles that involved working with B2C and B2B audiences in both the UK and Australia.

Specialism/Role: Business acquisition

Awards/Relevant Qualifications: Bachelors Degree; Finance and Investment Management





Based at our headquarters in Newcastle, Megan’s role is to be the initial point of contact for business principals and advisers. Megan uses her knowledge of the finance sector together with her ability to communicate clearly to build trusting relationships, working with firms and individuals to open up new and valuable opportunities surrounding our unique IBO and DBO models.


With an extensive background in client facing roles, Megan prides herself on her ability to build real relationships with business owners and individuals, appreciating that the backbone to a successful deal is an open and honest relationship with all parties involved.

Megan is proud to be a part of such a prospering team. “I am excited to grow alongside the company and help other businesses realise and achieve their upmost potential.”

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