Growing your firm in the digital landscape

Building and maintaining strong client relationships

Expectations of working with a financial adviser have changed. The digital world we live in today has played - and will continue to play - a large part in how prospective clients find, select, and eventually engage with financial advisers.

These days, information is increasingly consumed digitally and through multiple sources of information. No matter what financial planning approach you employ, you can apply these marketing strategies to help market yourself and grow your firm in the digital landscape.

Your online presence matters, so what do you need to consider?

  • Google yourself (name and firm, name, and location) and optimise your first page of Google search results based on your ideal clients.
  • Stop focusing on your services and focus on your clients’ outcomes from working with you.
  • Ensure your content on your website and social media profiles show clients that you work with people like them and understand them (as specific as possible).
  • Create a digital offering and evolve your practice to exceed the expectations of the smartphone generations who don’t remember printing a map for directions or not being able to find answers to any question they could imagine using
  • Show your personality and humanise yourself. Generic text on your website, and social media profiles won’t help you stand out and gain an advantage over the competition

Prospect behaviours, technology, and industry shifts

Remember, what worked for you five, ten, or twenty years ago to get you to where you are now may not continue to work as well moving forward. If you haven’t done so already, you need to consider adapting to changing prospect behaviours, technology, and industry shifts, and think more about the future when looking to grow your firm.

Technology is evolving, so let it help you deliver your service and best advice. If you are not using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to help onboard and convert new prospects, and then build ongoing client relationships, then the time is now.

Tracking and monitoring every client's sales journey

More than any other sector, success in the financial services industry depends on building and maintaining strong relationships with your clients. Having a CRM system enables you to track and monitor every client’s sales journey from start to finish in one place.

Using the automation and sales management tools also means you can sell more efficiently so you can focus on delivering a great client experience and converting more business. Every minute you’re not selling yourself as a financial adviser is a potential loss of money.

Being good at what you do as an adviser matters. But if that’s not being communicated to prospective clients, you’re likely missing out on new business opportunities.

Let Fairstone help you plan the future of your business. To discuss our industry leading approach, please contact our M&A Team.

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