We believe that integration is key to any successful acquisition as so we tackle this up front, doing the hard work first.

What is integration?

In plain terms, integration is the alignment of process, technology and ethos. Successful integration secures the future of the IFA business for Fairstone which in turn secures the acquisition capital for the seller. By partnering at the outset, Fairstone provides the resource, experience and support to prepare your business for the ultimate acquisition.

A fundamental aspect of our acquisition strategy is to protect all individual clients and we firmly believe that no client should have to indirectly subsidise the cost of a purchase. Within our model there is no increase to the client charging structure that is already in place, there is no compulsion to adopt a specific fund range or platform, clients continue to benefit from whole of market choice and the quality of existing client servicing must be maintained.

The benefits of the integration period include:

Compliance & file checking
Capital adequacy
Regulatory reporting
GABRIEL returns
Dedicated in-house paraplanning
Back-office support team
The reputation of one of the UK’s largest Chartered financial planning firms (Fairstone Financial Management and Fairstone Financial Management (City))
Expert compliance team
Ongoing file checking
Targeted lead generation
Orphan client reactivation
Client brochures and bi-monthly magazine
Market leading technology suite
The Fairstone Academy