Phil Lunn

Group Acquisitions Manager
Mergers & Acquisitions
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Phil joined Fairstone in 2008 as financial adviser with over 15 years experience. Over the past four years he has developed within the mergers and acquisitions team. 

Skillset and Approach: 

Phil aims to be a mentor to IFA business owners who are as serious about the acquisition market, the financial industry, and the Fairstone family. Over the years he has built valued and mutually trusted relationships with IFA's business owners and their staff.

Successes and Summary: 

Phil is very proud to of been involved with the very first business that entered into the DBO (Ian Morris of My Wealth ) and not only this business but the many other businesses Phil has been involved with have become more than just colleagues. Phil’s work ethic and attitude towards delivering honest and factual information surrounding Fairstone’s proposition has been key to his past, present and continued future success.

Worked closely with: 
Zimb Johnson Bespoke Financial Planning
Howton Financial Services
My Wealth Management

"I first met Phil Lunn in 2011 when he visited my office to discuss whether or not, I was considering retirement. I wasn’t at that point but as 2015 arrived, I felt the time was then right for me. I remembered Phil as being a very warm and positive individual and I contacted him to see if Fairstone were still interested in speaking to businesses. The answer was a resounding yes and Phil visited again to run through the process and to explain the Fairstone DBO (Downstream Buy Out) offer.

There was no hyped-up sales pitch, no exaggeration of the deal, just a very straightforward, clear explanation of how Fairstone looked to acquire suitable companies. Phil was very helpful in running through what I should expect and what the sale of my business would involve. He was also extremely supportive and accompanied me to Newcastle to meet with the directors of the business.

I was that impressed with Phil and the whole management team that after a series of negotiations and further discussions, I agreed to become part of the Fairstone Family. Everything felt right and I knew I would be appropriately rewarded for building a fine business over a twenty-year period and of equal importance, that my clients would be very well looked after for the future.

I am hugely indebted to Phil for his integrity, honesty and continued support and I cannot recommend him highly enough if you are seeking to understand the benefits of choosing Fairstone as your partner of choice."

Leigh Johnson | Fairstone Financial Management 

“Phil was our first contact with Fairstone, which was some time ago. At that point we were not ready to take the plunge but he kept in touch, keeping us up to speed with changes without excerpting any pressure at all. Thoroughly professional at all times, Phil helped us through the process of becoming a Partner Firm through the Fairstone Downstream Buy Out initiative.  This is a complicated process made easier by his hard work.

Two years in to the DBO, Phil still remains in contact with us even though his job is done. Any firm considering joining Fairstone should make Phil the first port of call.”

Frank Banks-Seeney | Andrew Cohen Associates 

"Phil Lunn was my first contact with Fairstone back in 2012 when he contacted me to enquire if I might be interested in an approach to sell the business to Fairstone. Although the timing wasn’t right for me, without being pushy, he explained the Downstream Buyout model that Fairstone were using for their acquisition programme. I immediately identified with the idea and Phil offered to meet up to explain the process, even though he knew I wasn’t ready to sell.

Having met Phil, I was immediately struck by his honest and straightforward approach. He contacted me six months later, just to chat and see if anything had changed. His timing was perfect as things had changed. The rest, as they say, is history.

Phil, like the rest of the Fairstone family, is a genuinely nice person and someone you are happy to do business with."

Paul Howard | Fairstone Financial Management