Fairstone launch Start-Up JV programme for entrepreneurial adviser groups

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6 March 2024



M&A Team

Fairstone has today launched a unique programme for ambitious adviser groups looking to start their own business through their Start-up Joint Venture (SJV) programme.

Adopting the same integration-first approach that has successfully underpinned their market leading Downstream Buy-Out (DBO) model, Fairstone has created a fully supported framework for prospective business owners who want to operate in an independent, whole of market environment and create long term capital value for themselves.

Lee Hartley Chief Executive at Fairstone said:

“Sector headwinds are preventing many talented advisers from starting their own business. The financial risks and regulatory complexities are very considerable. Many advisers understandably choose to operate on an employed or self-employed basis within in a network or vertically integrated environments – but the trade-off they make is that their hard work creates capital value for others, rather than for them.

“We are looking to work with ambitious, growth orientated clusters of advisers that might never consider setting up their own business due to the risks and initial financial outlay. We are providing them with the capital, resource and infrastructure to build and grow a business of their own.

Hartley added: “Over the last six to nine months our M&A team have held a series of mature discussions with adviser groups within networks and restricted nationals who want to create their own advisory business. They want to grow something over time that is doing things properly, has scale and real capital value.

“Our plan is to remove the risk and onboarding hurdles, allowing advisers to transition from their current state to having a live and trading business in a matter of months. Our start-up JV partners will own their own client banks, and the adviser shareholders will get full value for their hard work. In summary, we’re enabling high quality advisers to take control of their own destiny.

“What underpins this programme is the desire to see successful advisers benefit from their experience and professionalism. With the right financial, regulatory, and operational support they now have the opportunity to create a capital event at a point in the future that works for them.”

Fairstone has a prolific record of dealmaking investing in 15 new partnership firms and six full acquisitions across the UK and Ireland in the past 12 months. It is currently in talks with a number of forward-thinking groups of advisers who are looking to create a business that fits their own aspirations and views on client care.


Interested in becoming part of the Fairstone family?

The Start Up Joint Partnership programme is open from March to June.

If you are interested in a confidential chat at a time that suits you, please contact the M&A team on joinus@fairstone.co.uk or submit the confidential form below.




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