A key aspect of the integration period is helping businesses to achieve their maximum potential as they prepare to sell their business.

When a partner firm comes into the Fairstone framework, they have the ability to realise their potential without taking on many of the associated risks of growth as a standalone entity.

All business principals have the surety and comfort of knowing how their businesses will be valued in the future and have the added benefit of a two-year runway to grow their business, leverage the support provided by Fairstone and thereby significantly increase the sale value of their firm.

We support all partner firms in maximising their growth across this initial period – simply because we want to work with successful, profitable businesses with sustainable client relationships.

To further assist our partner firms, we offer growth funding to each business that has an identified expansion plan and a clear appetite for growth. This line of finance is provided on an interest-free basis and is only repayable on final sale.

Fairstone provides back office support, customer acquisition strategies and a range of value added services to ensure that firms have the tangible resources to be able to grow their businesses. These include:

High quality & qualified client appointments
Client reactivation campaigns
Access to in-house bespoke DFM solutions
Recruitment funding & support
Marketing & PR support
Interest free loan facility
Pay-As-You Go paraplanning
Assistance in acquiring client banks and/or advisory practices
Full compliance service & file checking
Regulatory reporting
Sector leading technology suite
Dedicated graduate support team
Fully funded Academy
Proprietary auto-enrolment solution
Adviser training & CPD
Internal referrals & access to specialist advisers across the UK