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You can download a copy of our brochure covering the stories of four of our business principals and their experience after acquisition.


Case Studies

As one of the UK’s largest Chartered financial planning firms, we are recognised as being one of the fastest growing financial services organisations in the country.

We are a secure, stable and proven acquirer and our unique DBO and IBO programmes are continuing to yield exceptional results.

Here, a number of business principals and individual advisers share their experiences of becoming part of what we are proud to call the Fairstone family.

"Fairstone has enabled us to be financially secure, remain working in the industry we love, and spend more time with our clients. Profitability is up 55% by being smarter and more efficient using the Fairstone framework."Ian Morris
"For me the biggest positive post-acquisition has been the opportunity to really secure the future of our business. The business is in the best shape it has ever been, highly compliant, organised, responsive to client needs and forward looking."Leigh Johnson
"The biggest positive post acquisition is having the backing and support of one of the largest Chartered financial planning firms in the UK." Paul Howard
"We wanted to join a progressive, national company which will help us to strengthen our business whilst allowing us to remain independent and further improve the levels of service to our clients." Fraser Thomson