At Fairstone we believe in a partnership not a purchase. Whether you’re looking to partner with us as part of our DBO or IBO programmes or as a standalone adviser, we are confident that together we can optimise the value of your business.

Protecting you from external pressures

Fairstone provides a robust and comprehensive compliance network and, as the regulated entity, we take on the responsibility of reporting to the FCA as well as absorbing PI and regulatory costs at group level, allowing you to focus on what matters most, your clients.

We also offer centralised growth services that ease the pressure of the day-to-day running of your business, enabling you to dedicate your time to optimising your value.

We are committed to shielding you from all external pressures and working with you and your team to grow your business so that when you’re ready to crystalise value, you’re in the best possible position.

Unique acquisition model

Fairstone’s DBO model enables shareholders to unlock five layers of enhanced value, not just a single sale event.

We invest in your growth and protect your people, creating the growth platform for you to double the value of your business.

Taking you beyond market multiples while never treating your clients like a commodity.

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Unlock five layers of value

Fairstone’s unique proposition allows shareholders to benefit from growth before and after the transfer of ownership and ensures they optimise their business performance before crystallising a structured sale and capturing an enhanced valuation.

The DBO model delivers these advantages while also allowing business principals to secure attractive on-going earnings and guaranteeing that clients, advisers and staff remain fully protected.

All selling shareholders are encouraged to take on a more involved M&A role within the business once their acquisition is complete, opening up a further opportunity to create significant value and securing their long-term future with Fairstone.

Finally, Fairstone offers an uncapped profit share aimed at supporting advisers to organically grow their client base and revenues. Repeating on a five year cycle the profit share offers advisers the opportunity to earn up to 3x their annual salary at the upper boundary.

Together this equates to a potential value of 12-18x current profits.

Investing in your growth

Fairstone acts as a growth partner, and provides the centralised resource, technology and capital to support sustainable growth and enable forward thinking firms to achieve their maximum potential.

We are committed to investing in your growth journey, creating the platform for you to go beyond your existing expectations and reach new horizons.

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Learn more about Fairstone's unique acquisition approach

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Downstream Buy Out (DBO)

Fairstone’s Downstream Buy Out (DBO) is a market leading growth model.

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Individual Buy Out (IBO)

Fairstone have developed a unique proposition to enable advisers to join, grow and ultimately retire within the firm.


Growth Services

Fairstone acts as a growth partner providing centralised resource, technology and capital.

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Optimise Your Value

Firms joining Fairstone are exceeding their target sale values and receiving pay-outs far above their original transaction price.