Our process

Selling the business that you’ve worked tirelessly to build will most likely be a once in a lifetime event.

At Fairstone, we want to remove any uncertainties that this process could bring by ensuring that our dedicated teams fully support you throughout both the engagement and integration periods.

Our mergers and acquisitions team will ensure that you enter into the process with a complete understanding of what the short, medium and long-term can look like for you and your business.

Our experienced team will draw reference from the many deals that we have completed to date and will be glad to put you in touch with business principals and colleagues who have been through the process of integrating with the wider Fairstone team.

To further simplify the process our team can introduce you to a panel of commercial law firms who will act independently on your behalf and who understand in detail our DBO structure and contracts. All of the law firms that we recommend will act for you on a fixed fee basis and there is a set cap on the legal fees that they will charge.

We also offer to:

  • Absorb 100% of legal costs if the DBO agreement is signed within a 30-day period of instruction
  • Absorb 50% of legal costs if the DBO agreement is signed within a 31 to 60-day period
  • Absorb the costs of all initial and on-going due diligence.

Our dedicated partnership team will ensure that the process of onboarding and on-going integration is as seamless as possible and that you have all of the assistance you need.

They will create a bespoke package of training and support for advisers and staff whilst ensuring that you can achieve optimum capital value by accessing our catalyst services.

Business owners will have a high degree of flexibility over the timescales of the ultimate sale and while we maintain a minimum integration period of two years, this can be extended by firms that want to optimise their business growth and subsequent sale value.

Following acquisition, you will form part of our national team where there is the ability to further increase sale proceeds by continuing to enhance business performance.

Shareholders also have the option to lengthen their cash pay-out period to benefit from the continued increase in profits. Annually, we see an average 15% outperformance against original sale valuation across our entire portfolio of acquired firms.