Scott Hopkinson

Chief Commercial Officer
Responsible for all M&A activity within the Group
Awards/Relevant Qualifications: 
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07759 441 136 

Scott is a Chartered accountant with over 14 years of board level experience who trained with Deloitte in the early stages of his career. He has held several CFO positions prior to Fairstone within high profile North East businesses such as Bannatynes, Eaga plc and Hays Travel, specialising in M&A activity.

Skillset and Approach: 

Scott has the ability to assess all deals from both sides to ensure there is the maximum fit for both parties, whilst staying within the parameters of Fairstone's unique DBO proposition.

The sell and stay nature of the DBO requires long-term relationships to be forged, built ultimately on trust.

Successes and Summary: 

"It has given me immense satisfaction to oversee all the DBO firms from inception, to acquisition, and beyond.

With 25 firms in the pipeline to be acquired and the DBO proposition gaining further momentum in the sector, this will hopefully drive continued success."

Worked closely with: 
Chili Financial
Brett and Randall Financial Services
Professional Partners

"Scott is a constant throughout the initial discussions, the integration period and the acquisition itself. His experience is invaluable, and he has the ability to look at the process from both sides to ensure that the deal works for everyone involved. Without him, the entire process would have been considerably more difficult."

Ian Robinson |Fairstone Financial Management 


"Scott was instrumental in the acquisition process taking us from our initial discussions, through to the sales process itself. The acquisition and due diligence process is testing at times, however under Scott’s stewardship we came through unscathed and smiling, and even though we are almost “through to the other side”, Scott has become a friend and we still keep in touch."

Ralph Mitchell | Fairstone Financial Management 


"When going through the acquisition process, clearly it is sensible to take independent advice. Adding more voices to the mix can with the wrong personalities, cloud issues and cause delays. That is not the case with Scott Hopkinson, he has an ability to negotiate hard, but fairly, see reason even provide clarity and honestly, he helped push our deal over the line in a way that we felt left all parties happy.

We always felt that Scott was someone, and remains someone, we can talk to openly and honestly and that he sees that the best deal for all, is the deal that works for our clients, our staff, and ourselves short and long-term."

Fraser McPhate | Fairstone Financial Management